Press Pause

This post will be 100% snark-free. Today was truly a great day. Since there was no formal engagement I didn’t make a formal announcement of my engagement. I told people we were getting married but some assumed that there would be a formal engagement to come. I have no idea why me telling people we were getting married wasn’t enough for people to realize I was getting married. I take this stuff oh so seriously but traditional I am not.

I posted a link to this blog on my gchat status and someone who is a new colleague inquired about it. She mentioned to me that her photography teacher does weddings. She sent me a link to his site and it was a person who I had emailed a couple of days earlier. She contacted him on my behalf and he got back to me right away. We set a meeting date and then I had to show my future husband the prices. Again, he didn’t quite understand the need to pay so much. Neither did I, but I had long since realized that I don’t understand the price of photography that doesn’t include the rights to your own personal photos. Still his prices seemed somewhat reasonable in comparison and we get our photos on a CD.

We went to his home and looked through his photo book. I was sold not on his wedding books but that he has Raphael Saddiq as as his client. I knew then he was the right one. I also started to understand bridal books. I was wondering why I needed to pay hundreds of dollars for a photo album but they are much more than that. His books are beautifully presented and will make great gifts for our parents. Then I was stunned to find out that we get much more in his packages than we could get else where. If you are looking for a photographer you should check out Footprint Fotos.

After the meeting was over we got into the car and were trying to find something to do with the rest of our day. I mentioned to him that I have been making a list of songs to play at the wedding. He mentioned a song by Cee-lo Green that we should dance to. I looked at him in shock because he knows our first dance will be Prince! I had heard the Cee-lo song a million times but I never really listened to the words. Once we got through the first verse I was crying. It was so damn perfect. Okay Prince maybe you can take a back seat. He’s not getting to make many decisions so I will gladly grant him this wish. What song is it? Well I don’t want to ruin it for my guest.


Say No to the Dress!

I finally joined the rest of the world and started watching Real Housewifes of Atlanta. Although it was tough to watch Cynthia Bailey’s wedding planning go so poorly at the end I was inspired by her dress.

I want something that has star power but is not any of the simple stuff. So then I fell in love with this.

This dress is different and fits my whimsical personality. I finally found a place to try it on. My height, frame and proportions are smaller than industry standard even with being fluffy. So that dress looked terrible on me.  I’m not wearing the right size but it’s too much dress for my frame. I have three inch heels on in the photo. I also figured that I would have to get it shortened and that seems complicated for this dress and might cost way too much.

So I am looking for a hot dress for a short woman with a big butt.

I found my favors!

I was reading a DIY magazine and they suggested doing personalized tote bags using iron-on prints. Well we have a defunct t-shirt factory in my basement so I can do this for the cheap. So for $2 and some labor I can actually make them myself. Now I just have to figure out if there is anything else I can heat press.

DIY: Wedding Bouquet

Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines. They have lots of information on DIY for your wedding. I took a look at making your own bouquets. This is right up my alley as I don’t really like flowers. If you come to my house you don’t see a lick of greenery. So I couldn’t see myself spending loads of money on flowers. Check out these elegant bouquets courtesy of the supermarket.

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All photos from Real Simple

China: Get Over It

For the budget bride having nearly $2000 added to your reception budget for china is starting to seem silly, either for renting or buying. I came across this website Smarty had a Party that selsl “elegant plastic dishware.” I’m trying to have a night of fun and I don’t think anyone will remember they didn’t eat on China. I’m going to buy a sample set of smarty ware and do review later on.

More about rentals

So I just experienced another sticker shock moment. A venue emailed me to tell me they were waving their room rental fee which is thousands of dollars. I was jumping for joy. I looked closer and saw a linen, china, flatware, barware fee of $30/pp. For me that works out to the amount of the fee.

My future husband does some side catering but usually provides paper plates. So I wondered how much it would be to buy actual silverware in comparison to rental rates. I ventured to Restaurant Depot price out the following pieces.

Salad Fork
Dinner Fork
Dessert Spoon
Dinner Plate
Salad Plate
Water Glass
Wine Glass

It came out to $12/pp. $4.97/pp
There are a few downsides of buying it yourself. You have to store it before your event. You also have to have someone wash all of it. Then you have all this stuff to store or resell. I’m sure there is another bride you can sell it to. For me it might workout because my Future Husband currently does some catering on the side so he could use the stuff for his events.

Don’t need china but want good looking plastic plate? Try out Smarty Had a Party!

Budget Receptions: Knights of Columbus Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA can be a very expensive place to get married. It’s really not a Washington, DC suburb anymore. The Knights of Columbus has great banquet space that can hold up to 350. It’s also a place where you can bring your own alcohol. Here is the basic package and it goes up from there.

This is an all inclusive package deal:
Room set up
Hors d’oeuvre display
House Linens
House Linen Napkins
Coffee Station
Cake cutting
Entree with 2 sides
Cake Cutting

Room Rental: $1500
Catering: $28
Tax and Gratuity: 27%

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