Yeah Yeah another stupid bride blog

It’s not news that the wedding industry sucks. I could google that phrase and get 1 million hits easily. I get that everyone gets to where I am right now. Disillusioned by the prices. I did my best for three months by not going to any industry stuff but decided one night I needed to begin planning. To me avoiding the industry turned into not planning at all. I realized that I needed to get going so that I could give my family the date so they can make arrangements. I figured eight months was a nice amount of time to plan a wedding. Besides my friend did it in four. Well little did I know that everything in DC is booked.

I made the huge mistake of wandering around the interwebs for about a month collecting clippings of things I liked and when I found what I liked I made my first inquiry. That’s when the mad dash started. They were basically booked for the season. Then I found another place spent the weekend designing the whole theme. Dang they are booked too! That’s when I realized that I had no idea how to do this but I certainly wasn’t going to pay a wedding coordinator. I will just have to deal with the highs and lows. I am getting what I pay for. I don’t pay and I get a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Last night there was sobbing over wine but when I woke up I barely remembered it. Anyone eavesdropping might have thought I was one step away from welfare. I was flopping around my ugly 1978 living room exclaiming “These people are making it hard for me to feed my family.” Yeah all 160 of them. He rubbed my back in the morning and told me that we would work it out. I looked at him like WTF then I remembered I went to bed in tears. On the way home I told him that those were tears of wine more so than tears of sadness. It was really tears of frustration. He says that was not fair. Too late now. He better get used to it.

So what made me make this blog? When the told me I have 494 to dos and 109 of them are overdue already. Man please. I’m deleting my account.


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