More about rentals

So I just experienced another sticker shock moment. A venue emailed me to tell me they were waving their room rental fee which is thousands of dollars. I was jumping for joy. I looked closer and saw a linen, china, flatware, barware fee of $30/pp. For me that works out to the amount of the fee.

My future husband does some side catering but usually provides paper plates. So I wondered how much it would be to buy actual silverware in comparison to rental rates. I ventured to Restaurant Depot price out the following pieces.

Salad Fork
Dinner Fork
Dessert Spoon
Dinner Plate
Salad Plate
Water Glass
Wine Glass

It came out to $12/pp. $4.97/pp
There are a few downsides of buying it yourself. You have to store it before your event. You also have to have someone wash all of it. Then you have all this stuff to store or resell. I’m sure there is another bride you can sell it to. For me it might workout because my Future Husband currently does some catering on the side so he could use the stuff for his events.

Don’t need china but want good looking plastic plate? Try out Smarty Had a Party!


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