Let’s Add Orange

I think I have solved my color dilemma. Silver becomes gold and orange will be an accent color. It was too much to let go of the purple for me. I didn’t want to start from scratch but B did not want purple and gold. Everyone thinks he’s an Omega and he is not. I think these colors will work well with the space.

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Sister in Law

We announced we were getting married on Thanksgiving last year and all eyes were on us. His brother and his brother’s fiancee were out of town for the holiday. They sent text messages of congratulations. About two months later we get the word that his brother  and his brother’s fiancee decided to get married too. I don’t know all the details but I think they have been engaged for about 10 years. Well that is what B always says. It’s been at least four years that I know of.  I wanted to be happy for them  but my selfish side came out and I was mad they couldn’t let the spotlight just be on us. Why were they doing this to me? Why now?

So the day after we put our deposit down on our reception site, we get a call that they want to get married 7 days after we do. Well there goes the honeymoon! To be fair they didn’t know our date yet but sheesh. Again, I really wanted to be happy for them but  this was turning me into the dreaded Bridezilla. They are having a much smaller affair but that really isn’t the point. Why now?

So this weekend we went down to visit the family. I was trying to figure out how to bring up the conversation about how I felt. So I just asked what date they settled on and it will be two weeks after ours. Not great but at least a little better. I just couldn’t bring myself to bitch about them getting married so close to us. I figured maybe I would bring it up later.

The next day I get a call from his brother’s fiancee asking me to go dress shopping with her. Now how funny is this given I didn’t even want to shop for my own dress. Now I am helping someone else that I barely know.  We picked up her friend and got on the road.  On the 45 minute drive there she asked me a lot of questions. She was happy to know that she wasn’t the only one going to marry a “Hughes Man.” Hughes Men are very special and unique and we love them dearly. She sheepishly said. “I’m glad I’m not alone anymore. I thought it was just me.”  Yeah she can’t hyphenate either.

At that point I realized that I just needed to really get over it. In my ideal world they would be getting married in 2012. They are getting married in 2011 Aisha, get over it.

We arrived at the dress shop and I went in first. Since I just did this a week ago I knew exactly what we needed to do. I told the lady we didn’t have an appointment but we wanted to try on dresses.  We picked out some dresses for her in the style that she liked. I hate lace but she wanted lace so we found her the best lace dresses we could. I went so far as to help her get in and out of her dresses. After we found her dress for a great price and then we went to the mall to walk around.

As we were walking in the mall her friend gets a call from her husband. She says “I am in the mall with Suzy* and her sister in law.”  We both stopped and looked at each other realizing at that moment that we would indeed be ” sister in-law.” It was quite surreal.  After that I stopped thinking about me and started thinking about the new family I would join.

Dress Finalist

So in the discussions with my “wedding advisors” we had a back and forth about an A-line dress for my body shape. I was going with the theory that I needed the A-line to cover up certain areas.  So I finally did what everyone suggested and went to try on dresses. I did it all in one weekend so I could get it over with. The results were quite unexpected. I never expected that I would look good in the trumpet style dress especially with out sliming undergarments. Well I realized (remembered) that I do have assets and that style of dress plays them up. Here are some quotes of people who saw me in dresses:

“I didn’t know you were hiding that under there.”

“Your body looks sick in that dress!”

As usual I wanted something simple with no bling so it was up to me to bring the dresses to life. Here are pictures of the finalist but these models don’t do justice to these dresses. I won’t reveal which dress I bought! You will just have to wait.

Wedding Colors

So I thought I had one part set. I let one of my friends suggest colors so purple and silver it was. Well one of my other trusty advisors and I were discussing the venue when I remembered that they have gold ballroom chairs. I guess my colors are gold and purple now? An Omega wedding  😦 …. So yeah ignore the colors on the save the dates. We have to pick another color.

Tapas style reception?

I have been toying with the idea of having one long cocktail hour instead of dinner. Here is why:

1. I want people to mingle.
2. I do not want to lose time to the buffet line or service. I went to a wedding a couple of years ago where the ceremony started at 4pm and by 9pm we were not even to the first dance.
3. I want people to dance from beginning to end.
4. I think I am going to appoint three of my male friends to dance with my aunts all night long.
5. I do not want to subject people to dry chicken, beef, and salmon. This really should be #1.
6. There will be good hot food all night long.

I finally found a term for this. A tapas reception!

Tapas Style Reception

Reasons not to live with him before you get married

Well my current reason is that he can’t listen to wedding planning for 8 months. I really feel sorry for him but I’m so excited. I want to keep it at a minimum but I am so failing.

DIY: Stamped Save the Date Post Cards

When we first were officially engaged and started planning the wedding and the budget discussion came up I was told “you learned how to knit so how about you learn to make wedding stuff.” The statement makes sense but at the time I was a victim of snark. I nearly failed pre-school since I couldn’t color in the lines. So doing an art project for the wedding didn’t seem very smart or practical.

Well fast forward about 4 months and I did learn how to make wedding stuff thanks to all the DIY websites.  To the left you see my supplies for my stamped save the dates.  For $52, some printer ink, and 2 hours of my time I have 150 one of the kind save the dates. Now save the dates aren’t necessary but this allows me to have them without breaking the bank. I also made them into postcards so the postage would be cheaper. The other plus is that I didn’t have to worry about cutting anything, which is where I have seen so many DIY brides fail.


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