DIY: Stamped Save the Date Post Cards

When we first were officially engaged and started planning the wedding and the budget discussion came up I was told “you learned how to knit so how about you learn to make wedding stuff.” The statement makes sense but at the time I was a victim of snark. I nearly failed pre-school since I couldn’t color in the lines. So doing an art project for the wedding didn’t seem very smart or practical.

Well fast forward about 4 months and I did learn how to make wedding stuff thanks to all the DIY websites.  To the left you see my supplies for my stamped save the dates.  For $52, some printer ink, and 2 hours of my time I have 150 one of the kind save the dates. Now save the dates aren’t necessary but this allows me to have them without breaking the bank. I also made them into postcards so the postage would be cheaper. The other plus is that I didn’t have to worry about cutting anything, which is where I have seen so many DIY brides fail.


Paper Source
Marigold Events
August 15 Bride


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