Make your own (wedding) dress for $10

This is a pretty neat idea on how to DIY a wedding dress. Now to me it’s more for a summer type dress. I don’t even know if you can call it dress but I think it’s pretty cool. I for see the guest room turning into a crafting room really soon.


Edible Center Pieces

I am about 4.5 months away from the big day. I’ve finally started thinking about what the room is going to look like. On the one hand it’s not that important. On the other hand I want the room to represent us. It’s the one day that all of our friends and family will be in the same room and we will share ourselves with them. Since I am not big on flowers and because I think it works well in our space I was going to design a candle centerpiece. Then I started to think more about our personal life theme which is food, wine, family, and service (&fun). So why not design a centerpiece that revolves around food?  Since we are having cupcakes and petit fours instead of cupcakes why not use them as a focal point of table? If I do this then my decoration budget drops by a whole lot. I’m still not sure  though.

Natural Wedding Hairstyles

So it’s probably going to be pretty hot on my wedding day. That means no straight hair for me. Luckily the internet can help me and everyone else with natural (aka nappy/curly) wedding hair! I found a good style on youtube from Naptural85. This is along video so you can just fast forward to the end to see the finished results.

Let them eat cheesecake!

The plan was to splurge on organic mani-pedis with my girls the day before and then go eat cheesecake. But my favorite spa isn’t doing nails anymore. But there will still be cheesecake. I want to have goodies from Capital City Cheesecakes. I will take a few lactaid pills just to be on the safe side.

Where my girls at?

Sometimes I wonder if I should be getting married in Los Angeles. All of my closest friends live there (and one in AZ) along with my family. It’s home. I think wedding planning with them would be so much more fun and practical. So I think I have been pretty much a Bridal Island because I am in DC. I learned the term  Bridal Island after reading this very touching post on A Practical Wedding. It really spoke to how I have been feeling lately. I been feeling like this is supposed to be friend/family affair but it isn’t. I am not sure if I will be able to squeeze in a trip to LA to have a bridal shower either. Actually I don’t understand bridal showers so nix that part.  So what I am saying is that I wish I could have just one or two girls nights leading up to it all.
I’m conflicted since I am not having a bridal party. I get the sense that the bridal party is supposed to do stuff for you. I’m not sure what stuff. I think the other issue is a class/culture issue. I read all these blogs about what you are supposed to do and how it’s supposed to work but I don’t see any of that. Not that I even want any of that. Whatever “that” is. Plus I guess the bridal party (if i had one) would know what to do. Whatever that is.
You see on my dad’s side of the family I am the baby. By the time I was five, everyone who would be married was already married. Then on my mother’s side again, those who would be married were already married by the time I arrived in this world. It’s just what it is. So there isn’t some long tradition of weddings where everyone automatically knows their assigned role. In all honesty those who have gotten married have gone to Vegas or the headed downtown. So I have attended very few weddings. Then most of my friends didn’t have wedding either. So I don’t know how this should work. 27 dresses? Nope I only had to do it once.
So I thank everyone for all of emails, phone calls, texts and gchats. It makes me feel closer and not so alone. I don’t know what I would do without technology.

Forget the Diamond Ring

I’ve been going back and forth about what kind of ring I want.  I keep looking at traditional diamond rings and I can’t find anything that feels like me. I’m more quirky than flashy. But I think I am really trying to get over ring judgement. I’ve seen people say stuff about the size of other people’s rings. Typically I say eff those bitches for judging something so wonderful as a statement of true love and commitment.  But a part me wants that statement ring so that I don’t have to slap someone for coming out my their mouth wrong about the decision I have made while they eat my free food.

Having a big rock on my finger is so not me. I can’t imagine owning jewelry that has to be insured. So I am thinking about just going with a very simple band for now. I think later on as we grow in our marriage then I will probably look for an upgrade. But for now I am thinking of keeping simple.