Back in the day when I was…

I happened on an article about wedding in the Chicago Tribune from 1987. It’s very cute and you see how much things have changed.

Do-it-yourself Grazing Buffet Slashes Costs Of Spring Wedding

In the 1956 movie, “The Catered Affair,“ starring Betty Davis, the wedding cost estimates came in so high that the cabdriver father of the bride was thinking of mortgaging his taxi. Luckily, for the parents, the couple eloped.

Unfortunately, wedding prices are even higher today. The cost for serving an average, four-course, sit-down wedding dinner (not counting liquor, wedding cake, music or flowers) in the Marriott Hotel is $22.75 per person, according to Douglas Jensen, director of catering, Chicago Marriott Hotel.

“For 50 people, that`s $1,137.50,“ he says.

There has to be a better, cheaper way to do it, and there is. First, forget about serving dinner. Have a modern wedding, with appetizers that you or friends have cooked yourself and set out for guests to graze among.

The following grazing buffet includes seven kinds of nibbles ranging from barbecued spareribs, made early on the wedding morning, to mango chutney pinwheels and goat cheese cheesecake, both made three days in advance.

We compared our made-at-home appetizers with the cost of having a caterer make them and deliver them to your house on the wedding day. Erwin Drechsler, chef and co-owner of North Avenue`s Metropolis Cafe, estimates that if Metropolis were to make and deliver our seven appetizers, it would cost $17.50 per person, or a total of $875. (more….)


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