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Photo Credit: Heather Carpenter Costello

Flowers are quite expensive and from the beginning I knew that I would DIY my flowers.  If that is also your flower plan then I have the perfect resource for you. has DIY flowers delivered to you by Fedex. They have lot of options. You can pick the flowers you want and they will arrive for you to arrange yourself. The second option is to order exactly what you need, a bouquet, corasge or centerpiece. The pricest  option but still much less that flower shops are full wedding packages. They have everything you need from start to finish for well under $1000. I plan to DIY my bouquet and this would be a tremendous help as it cuts out the trip to the flower store.


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  1. Cheryl
    May 07, 2011 @ 23:04:37

    You could also go the wholesale flower warehouse over on New York Ave (I think that’s where it is). No membership needed. That way you can hand pick each of the flowers and make sure they are all fresh. For the last gala I organized, I think I bought enough flowers there for 35 tables for less than $300.


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