Invitation Heaven

After all of that drama, I finally got the invitations right. I was able to use Copy General downtown to get everything laser cut perfectly. No crazy drama with a regular paper cutter that never seems to work properly. I was reading stories online of people who went to Kinkos or Office Max and got less than stellar results. So now I have been working hard pumping them out and he’s gonna help me put them together so we can get them ready to mail next week. I’m excited again. I was planning to bring some of my friends over to help but time is of essence.


Invitation Hell

The invitations are coming out of the printer crooked! Now I am printing them on full sheets and will have them cut a Kinko’s. Sounded easy enough but now I have been printing for hours. I planned to finish them today. Now I am starting over.

The DIY Bride by Khris Cochran

I’m trying to leave something to the imagination for my readers that are coming to the wedding. With that in mind, I think I am going to stop showing stuff from my actual wedding.  Instead I will talk about some of my sources of inspiration. At the beginning of this I was quite conflicted. I wanted a big party but I needed it to be somewhere between a backyard BBQ and a  My  Super Sweet Sixteen party.  At the same time, I wanted to bring out some personal touches but didn’t feel I had the skills to be crafty.

When I thought of crafty , I thought of old grandmothers knitting booties for their grandchildren. But these three ladies showed me that it’s not just for old women anymore. I also never understood how people had time for crafting. I was always out bargain hunting so I certainly didn’t have the time. One day I finally picked up a bridal magazine and it was The DIY Bride.  From there I realized that there were projects that I could do even with my minimal talent.

The things I like about the magazine and the three books are the simple, tasteful, and inexpensive projects. The books begin with a nice description of all of the crafting materials that will be used throughout the book. This list is very handy because having the correct supplies can make or break your project. You will also have a better idea of what you are looking at when you get to the craft store and there are 15 kinds of adhesive.  Now supplies can break the bank if you let them. Make sure you get coupons as Michaels and Jo-Anns have coupons every weekend. Also I suggest projects that use some of the same supplies so you don’t need to find so much storage for your supplies. If you find you need to buy something that you will never use again,  don’t worry just sell it to another bride.

Each book has about 35 projects giving brides many options to choose from.  Each project description begins with the amount of time each project takes and  it indicates if it is is a solo, duo or group project. This is very helpful so you know what you are getting into upfront. Then there is a description of the supplies, their estimated cost and a comparison to things you find on the market. That brings us to decision time. Something might be inexpensive but it might take more time than you have. Conversely, something might be worth just buying because DIY doesn’t save you that much.

What I like most about the book is that directions are easy to follow. The author breaks them down step-by-step. This is where the idea to do my own invitations that were elegant and inexpensive. I also have found some other ways I can personalize without much work. If I can do the projects, anyone can do them.

p.s. Don’t buy wedding books. Check them out of the library.

Dollar Tree Holla! (aka Shame on Crate and Barrel)

I have finally settled on my centerpeice design. It requires me procuring 50-60 vases. My plan was to buy them from other DIY brides in the area or just rent them. Other DIY brides pointed me directly to Dollar Tree. I have never been to Dollar Tree because nothing compares with my beloved 99cents only store from California. I didn’t see the need to shop there because much of what they sell I get for cheaper or free with my coupons. However, provides low cost, quality, basic, event decor. You are able to buy items such as plates and flower vases for just $1. Dollar Tree will ship to the store near you for a mere $4.95 for your entire order now matter how large or small.

Unfortunately they discontinued one of the sizes I needed. I looked on the web and I found similar vases from $2.95 to $4.95. I went to the Crate and Barrel outlet to get what I thought would be similar vases for $2.95.  I bought a cases of the vases so they left them in the original box.  They shouldn’t have done that because the vases are Libbey Brand, the same brand Dollar Tree sold for $1.    I’m nearly ready to cancel my registry at CB and change it to Dollar Tree.