Dollar Tree Holla! (aka Shame on Crate and Barrel)

I have finally settled on my centerpeice design. It requires me procuring 50-60 vases. My plan was to buy them from other DIY brides in the area or just rent them. Other DIY brides pointed me directly to Dollar Tree. I have never been to Dollar Tree because nothing compares with my beloved 99cents only store from California. I didn’t see the need to shop there because much of what they sell I get for cheaper or free with my coupons. However, provides low cost, quality, basic, event decor. You are able to buy items such as plates and flower vases for just $1. Dollar Tree will ship to the store near you for a mere $4.95 for your entire order now matter how large or small.

Unfortunately they discontinued one of the sizes I needed. I looked on the web and I found similar vases from $2.95 to $4.95. I went to the Crate and Barrel outlet to get what I thought would be similar vases for $2.95.  I bought a cases of the vases so they left them in the original box.  They shouldn’t have done that because the vases are Libbey Brand, the same brand Dollar Tree sold for $1.    I’m nearly ready to cancel my registry at CB and change it to Dollar Tree.


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