Down to the (floral) wire

It’s less than 30 days. Oh me! Oh my! So today I realized that I had forgot a few touches. I forgot about flowers for the men and family members. My bouquet and the one for the Matron of Honor were my sole focus. Then I remembered there are corsages and boutonnieres to be made. Yeah no, I’m not tackling all of that. If it was earlier I could have put someone else on the case.  Thank God for the internet to give me peace of mind. I am going to just order them all pre-made. It’s more that I planned to spend (which was zero) but at this point I cannot put anymore more projects on my plate. I still will DIY the my bouquet and the one for the maid of honor. They will be very simple and classic.


Problem Solving from Unlikely Places

I have struggled with how to get everyone involved. I’ve been a bad bride because everyone wants to help but I have no idea what to have people do. Today I had to make yet another trip to Paper Source because our invitation list is growing. I got there and they no longer sell two of the items I need for invitations in the color I need them. I’m not that particular so I picked a new combination on the fly. The cashier, Katie, asked me about the other things I was doing for the wedding. We got to chatting and I admitted to her that I was having a difficult time figuring out how to include people who were far away. Katie talked to me for 20 minutes and gave me some great ideas. She gave me suggestions for things people can do to help out now as well as the intangible duties (like listen to me when I have gone crazy because the invitations are screwed up again). My wedding inexperience has been mostly great because I don’t feel beholden to certain traditions. However, I needed someone to remind me what friends are for.