Bridal Travel Agency

Note: If you are easily offended please stop reading right now. This post isn’t going to be polite in anyway. Call me Bridezilla if you must.

Dear Friends & Family,

The wedding is very near and I am excited that all of you have decided to share my wonderful day with me. Most of you are spending your time to travel across the country to be with me and I appreciate it. It’s about 20 days away and things are super busy for me. Throughout the process I have been happy to answer most of your questions as best as I can. That’s what a hospitable person does.

Today is where all of that ends. Here are the things I am no longer doing for you.

3. Finding you a hotel that is close but cheaper. I booked a block of rooms to help everyone out. Even before the room block filled up I was asked constantly “Can you find me a hotel near the Hyatt but that’s cheaper.” Sorry guys use google maps.

2. Buying you a plane ticket. No one actually asked me to spend my money on their plane ticket. However, several people have called me to go online and they will give me their credit card number so I can help them purchase their tickets. You should try calling someone who lives near you to help you with this. Sorry that’s what a travel agent is for.

Now this top question is what caused me to lose it yesterday. I answered it politely but no more.

1. Giving you a list of cheap places you like to eat near the hotel? I’m an Elite Yelper so I have no problem sharing my opinion on what I like to eat. Sorry I’m not a concierge.

Please be understanding of my time.

Thanks & see you soon,


I am really not sure why people think that I should be this involved in their travel planning. I booked the room blocks (i did two different prices!), shared the closest airports in the save the date, and gave them information for super shuttle. In this information age do your research. I just think the bride is the last person you should bother with this. Only contact the bride to help her or if it’s dire. I’m sure you know someone else going to the wedding or who has traveled to that city before who can point you in the right direction.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rashad Mobley
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 17:26:16

    Bridezilla? Please these rules should be applied to my out-of-town guests year ’round..


  2. drea
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 18:42:20

    i’m convinced weddings turn even the smartest and most resourceful people into a bunch of bumbling idiots.

    good luck and congrats!


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