Edible Center Pieces

I am about 4.5 months away from the big day. I’ve finally started thinking about what the room is going to look like. On the one hand it’s not that important. On the other hand I want the room to represent us. It’s the one day that all of our friends and family will be in the same room and we will share ourselves with them. Since I am not big on flowers and because I think it works well in our space I was going to design a candle centerpiece. Then I started to think more about our personal life theme which is food, wine, family, and service (&fun). So why not design a centerpiece that revolves around food?  Since we are having cupcakes and petit fours instead of cupcakes why not use them as a focal point of table? If I do this then my decoration budget drops by a whole lot. I’m still not sure  though.


China: Get Over It

For the budget bride having nearly $2000 added to your reception budget for china is starting to seem silly, either for renting or buying. I came across this website Smarty had a Party that selsl “elegant plastic dishware.” I’m trying to have a night of fun and I don’t think anyone will remember they didn’t eat on China. I’m going to buy a sample set of smarty ware and do review later on.

Budget Receptions: Knights of Columbus Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA can be a very expensive place to get married. It’s really not a Washington, DC suburb anymore. The Knights of Columbus has great banquet space that can hold up to 350. It’s also a place where you can bring your own alcohol. Here is the basic package and it goes up from there.

This is an all inclusive package deal:
Room set up
Hors d’oeuvre display
House Linens
House Linen Napkins
Coffee Station
Cake cutting
Entree with 2 sides
Cake Cutting

Room Rental: $1500
Catering: $28
Tax and Gratuity: 27%

DC Budget Reception: Ft. Myers Officer’s Club

Are you more than a year out from your wedding and are looking for an inexpensive place in the DC area? Check out the Ft. Myers Officer’s Club. They have the full package deal. It ranges from $66-$120 per person. But Ms. Notsosnarky how is that a steal? Well it includes everything you need

  • Room Rental
  • Food
  • Open Bar
  • Cake
  • DJ
  • Flowers
  • Votive Candles
  • The $120 includes a cocktail hour and a duo entree. This place is really a steal and not having to deal with a bunch of vendors rocks. At these prices you have to book well in advance.

    Catering for a Cause

    I have been trickling out the information that I am planning my wedding to people. I think I need to speak with more people so I can get more help. Today i was told that DC Central Kitchen does catering. It runs about $20-$30/pp. I don’t know if they can do it more 150 people but I will let you know. This is a way to support a good cause and save on your wedding. I would even be willing to make a donation above my catering cost.