Down to the (floral) wire

It’s less than 30 days. Oh me! Oh my! So today I realized that I had forgot a few touches. I forgot about flowers for the men and family members. My bouquet and the one for the Matron of Honor were my sole focus. Then I remembered there are corsages and boutonnieres to be made. Yeah no, I’m not tackling all of that. If it was earlier I could have put someone else on the case.  Thank God for the internet to give me peace of mind. I am going to just order them all pre-made. It’s more that I planned to spend (which was zero) but at this point I cannot put anymore more projects on my plate. I still will DIY the my bouquet and the one for the maid of honor. They will be very simple and classic.


I love Etsy is one of the best websites out there for shopping. They have so many unique things. Some of the stuff  can be expensive but it is with good reason.  Learning to  knit and being a brilliant (chuckle) invitation designer has given me a greater appreciation of hand crafts.  The mass produced big boxed stores have gotten us away from artisan made goods. So I present to you the Best of Etsy Handmade Weddings.

Tapas style reception?

I have been toying with the idea of having one long cocktail hour instead of dinner. Here is why:

1. I want people to mingle.
2. I do not want to lose time to the buffet line or service. I went to a wedding a couple of years ago where the ceremony started at 4pm and by 9pm we were not even to the first dance.
3. I want people to dance from beginning to end.
4. I think I am going to appoint three of my male friends to dance with my aunts all night long.
5. I do not want to subject people to dry chicken, beef, and salmon. This really should be #1.
6. There will be good hot food all night long.

I finally found a term for this. A tapas reception!

Tapas Style Reception